The breathtaking beauty of the Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Park makes it a natural stop along the historic DeCew-Lake Gibson-Beaverdams corridor in the Niagara region. Located on DeCew Road in Thorold, Ontario, the park is situated between the destination of Laura Secord’s historic walk in 1813 (DeCew House) and the Beaverdams Church (c. 1832) where the father of public education in Ontario, Egerton Ryerson, first preached.

The 27-acres of naturalized farmland and meadows surround a southeastern corner of the Lake Gibson – Niagara’s largest inland lake. The water reservoir was created in 1904 by flooding the shallow valley of Beaverdams Creek in order to feed the hydroelectric power generation plants at Ontario Power Generation DeCew Falls 1 and DeCew Falls 2.

Part of the Carolinian Forest Zone in the Niagara Peninsula, this wetlands preserve hosts unique ecosystems that are threatened by the pressures of urbanization and industrial development. Some of the highest diversity of species and habitats to be found in Canada can be enjoyed at the Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Park.

Take in the local beauty or catch a sighting of migratory birds of prey from the vantage of the boardwalk and viewing platform!

For any concerns, please send a message to the City of Thorold: contact@thorold.ca

12 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Very disappointed this park was rated as wheelchair accessible, I took my brother in his electric wheelchair hoping to go on the boardwalk we could not even get on to it as the step going up was too high for the wheelchair. Secondly we got stuck in a gravel gulley on one of the pathways if you are not going to maintain and keep this park nice please remove wheelchair accesible. Jane Seymour

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